The Listing Process:


There is a series of questions you will want to ask yourself before you start the listing process. Beginning with why are you selling? Have you outgrown your home? Do you have an empty nest? Has the neighborhood changed? Is it just time for a move?

Hire Your Agent

You have a lot of choices when you go to choose an listing agent. Put some thought into what you are looking for in an agent before you interview agents. There are agents who list a lot of homes - how do they take care of all the homes they list? Do they spread themselves too thin - or do they turn your property over to someones else to service once they have the listing? Do you want your niece or neighbor selling your home? How experienced are they? Do they have the professional support to price and market your home correctly? Do they work real estate full time? RightSize Realty Associates encourage you to develop a set of questions and to interview more than one agent. Need some help? We can give you a series of questions to ask.

Sign The Listing Paperwork

Once you have decided on an agent, they will have paperwork for you to sign and for you to fill out. There will be a listing agreement and a seller’s disclosure at minimum. Depending on circumstances there may be several other documents.

Keep in touch with your agent

Your agent should have a follow-up schedule where they share information on what is happening with their marketing of your property.

Work the Offer! And let your agent negotiate the deal.

The offer is what you are looking for! Always look at this as an opportunity to start negotiations no matter how insulting an offer may be. It’s an offer! Let your agent work it.

When you are looking for an agent, look for one that can negotiate in your behalf. You do not want to leave money on the table, but you also want to be reasonable and realistic in your response. There are other items in the contract to be negotiated as well - closing date, possession date and other items. Work with your agent for the best outcome for you.

The Option Period and Repairs

Once you have accepted an offer, there will will usually be an option period. This is usually a 7-10 day period when the buyer can do their due diligence to male sure this is the house for them There will almost always be an inspection done.

Before the end of the option period, the buyers will usually ask for repairs to be done to the house. Your agent should be able to guide you in which repairs are reasonable and which are not. The seller has choices. The seller can do the repairs - or part of them; can offer an amount of money toward the repairs; or can reject any repairs. Anything other than an agreement to make all repairs can put the contract in jeopardy. This is another place your agent can help with negotiations.

Waiting to Close

The hardest time is the wait for the close. As the seller you don’t know what’s going on with the financing. A good agent will try to be kept in the loop, but the lender will not always allow it. Ask your agent if they are in the loop and can keep you up to date. We are anxious to close on time!

This is pay day! You can expect to go to the Title Company for closing. If you can’t, the Title Company will set up a remote closing.Most the time your agent will be at closing with you. Be prepared to wait a short time for your funds. You can tell the Title Company if you want a check or funds wired to your account. If your buyer closes late in the day, you may have to wait until the next day for the funds.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

* By filling out this form, you are requesting a RightSize Realty Associates to give you a Comparative Market Analysis. This will give you a price range you can expect to sell your home within. In order to give you a list price we would have to work with you in pricing the house considering many factors including but not limited to house condition, market condition and seller’s circumstances. It may take us up to 48 hours to complete a CMA.